Sector-led co-design

The design and delivery of Te Rito is led by two sector working groups, Ngā Rau Whakatupu Māori and Ngā Rau Whakatupu Auraki, in partnership with the Ministry of Education. These roopu are the sector voice for Te Rito.

Here are some of the amazing people who work tirelessly to help shape Te Rito:


Myles Ferris, Chair - Te Rau Whakatupu Māori

Myles Ferris

Chair - Te Rau Whakatupu Māori

I am passionately engaged in this mahi because Te Rito is about whānau having more input and insight into their tamariki, mokopuna and their ability to navigate their educational pathway while protecting the data   that is their taonga. Me tīaki te mana o te tamaiti me tona whānau.


Graeme Barber, Chair - Te Rau Whakatupu Auraki

Graeme Barber

Chair - Te Rau Whakatupu Auraki

I am passionately involved in designing and delivering Te Rito because it will protect the mana of the learner and their whānau and the ownership of their data. The strength of Te Rito is that it has been designed by the sector for the sector. As the secure set of data grows over time, it will enable seamless transitions throughout a learner's educational journey and support greater collaboration between everyone who   supports their learning.


Rubina Charman

Rubina Charman

Principal, Nawton School

Te Rau Whakatupu Māori

I have led in two small rural schools and currently Principal of Nawton School (U6), Dual Medium School.I am Chairperson for The Rauhii Project Community Social development project with a music focus, Lead Principal RTLB (Resource Teachers of Learning & Behaviour) Cluster 16, and an executive member of Te Akatea Maori Principals' Assn.  “I take pride in my involvement with Te Rito and foresee it transforming the educational path for whaanau, safeguarding their information, avoiding duplication when transitioning and enabling schools to gain deeper insights.”


Justine McDonald

Justine McDonald

Principal, Waimea Intermediate School 

New Zealand Association of Intermediate and Middle Schools representative

Te Rau Whakatupu Auraki

I believe it’s important for all ages and stages of schooling to be represented in the development and implementation of this critical initiative. All transitions during a student’s educational pathway are important. The transition from primary to intermediate and middle schools and on through secondary schooling are critical periods for students and their whānau. Te Rito will support and strengthen transitions, helping to support the student’s progress and achievement by providing important information to the right people at the right time. 


Michael Malins, Principal, Blockhouse Bay School

Michael Malins

Principal, Blockhouse Bay School

Te Rau Whakatupu Auraki

Te Rito is a key driver for systemic change in protecting the safe and timely delivery of the data that defines who we are as learners, improving the allocation of targeted resourcing while respecting the mana of tamariki and whānau. I am extremely proud to have been a part of the wider journey of the Te Rito team and the impact we can have on schooling improvement and data integrity.


Nathan Martin

Nathan Martin

E-learning Designer and Developer, Ko Taku Reo Deaf Education NZ

Te Rau Whakatupu Māori

A few years back I pivoted my career into education to align to my personal purpose ‘to empower people through inspired learning’. I’m involved in developing Te Rito because I can see its potential to empower learners, educators and families through the sharing of rich, strength-based learner information. 


Sephora Mauigoa, Glendene School

Sephora Mauigoa

Principal, Glendene School

Te Rau Whakatupu Auraki

I represent NZPPA (NZ Pasifika Principals Association). To me, Te Rito represents hope.  The hope that data held in Te Rito about our ākonga will be used by the people they connect with to know them, support them and enhance their learning journeys.  The hope that Te Rito can be used to store strength-based data relating to the cultural capital our learners bring in. I look forward to contributing to the ongoing development of Te Rito to help realise its potential to enhance learning for all ākonga.


Kate Nicholson, Principal, Trinity College

Kate Nicholson

Principal, Trinity College

Te Rau Whakatupu Auraki

We know that 'relationship' is at the heart of great teaching and learning. I am excited that Te Rito promises to support relational teaching by allowing the unique information about a young person to travel from school to school with them. This is going to provide educators with an authentic foundation to get to know their learners better, right from day one.


Cath Rau, Te Kopu High School Principal

Cath Rau

Principal, Te Kopu High School

Te Rau Whakatupu Māori

Te Rito is an opportunity for me to champion the right of mokopuna and whānau to exercise sovereignty over the information and data created by others about them. Mauri ora!


Hayley Read, Whangārei Intermediate School

Hayley Read

Principal, Whangārei Intermediate School

Te Rau Whakatupu Auraki

I am proud to be a part of Te Rito and believe it will revolutionise the educational journey for students. By preserving their unique stories and academic strengths, Te Rito will empower schools to better understand and nurture their students’ potential, and for some students, spare their whānau the burden of reliving stories and trauma each time they transition to their next school. Kia mohio ko tahi tatou - being clever together.


Alan Robertson, Deputy Principal, Burnside High School

Alan Robertson

Deputy Principal, Burnside High School

Te Rau Whakatupu Auraki

I have a strong interest in curating rich accurate information about students in our kura to enable staff to better support them.  Burnside High School is one of Aotearoa’s largest schools with more than 70 feeder schools. Very often we get little or no information about students when they enrol, meaning we have to generate profiles from scratch. I see Te Rito as a vehicle that will streamline this process, for the benefit of students and their whānau.


Alistair Schaw

Prinicpal, Halcombe School

Rural & Area School Leaders Association representative

Te Rau Whakatupu Auraki

RASLA has a specific focus on supporting rural and small school leaders across the motu. The aims of delivering Te Rito has potential to deliver very positive outcomes for remote and small schools who have few resources. RASLA is supportive of the co-construction model that underpins the Te Rito project in delivering for these schools. I have been a principal for nearly 30 years, all in small to large rural schools, and taught all levels of primary schooling. I am pleased to be working with talented people on this important project.


Martyn Weatherill

Principal, Laingholm Primary School

Te Rau Whakatupu Auraki

Within Ngā Rau Whakatupu I represent NZEI Te Riu Roa - New Zealand’s largest education union, representing principals, teachers and support staff in primary, area and secondary schools, early childhood centres, special education, and school advisory services nationwide. It is a democratic, treaty-based organisation, whose members work in every community in New Zealand advocating for quality public education.

The essence of trade unionism is social uplift, and the notion of improved outcomes – social uplift – for our students is at the heart of the Te Rito programme. As is the notion that we, as educators, have a collective responsibility for all the students in Aotearoa New Zealand, not just those in our class or in our school. Collectivism is another ideal at the heart of the union movement.

I am personally committed to Te Rito and the wider public education system, because if we get public education right, everything else will follow. But if we get it wrong, not much else will matter.


Dave Winter, Manaiakalani Education Trust

Dave Winter

Manaiakalani Education Trust

Te Rau Whakatupu Auraki

I have a passion for learning and empowering young people, particularly those with limited access to digital affordances. I want to play my part as education reinvents itself for the 21st century in our country. Te Rito will provide vital learning support for rangatahi, families and schools.