Te Rito for educators

The more you understand your ākonga and learners, the better you can support them

What is Te Rito?

Te Rito is a web-based national information repository that connects ākonga and learner information across kura, schools, ngā kohanga reo and early learning services.

Te Rito gives you more time – and more information – to focus on what matters: understanding ākonga and learners, and helping them succeed.

Te Rito also enables information about learning support needs to move with ākonga and learners as they transition through education levels and across kura and schools.

In time, Te Rito will make it possible for an increasingly rich record of information to travel with ākonga and learners throughout their education journey. Te Rito is being rolled out gradually across Aotearoa New Zealand.

Teachers meeting in a common room around a table


Developed with educators, for ākonga and learners

We've developed Te Rito with educators, to put the power of accessible, accurate and safe ākonga and learner information into local educators' hands.

Ākonga and learner information is at the heart of the learning journey.

As an educator, you know that the more you understand your ākonga and learners, the better you can support them - valuing and respecting the things that make them unique.

You know that important information can be lost when ākonga or learners change kura or schools.

Consistent, accessible ākonga and learner information enables:

  • collaboration
  • informed decision-making
  • better support for ākonga and learners in your care.

When information travels with ākonga and learners, a continuous, strengths-based record of learning builds in richness over time.