Our governance

A better way to share critical ākonga and learner information between kura, schools and early learning services

Local educators, leaders, whānau and iwi understand what's best for your communities and how to provide the right support for your ākonga and learners, centred around their strengths. We are committed to ensuring these voices are represented in the governance of Te Rito. 

Working in partnership

We are committed to a co-design approach. We continue to work closely and openly with the education sector to design Te Rito, creating lasting relationships, building trust and putting a genuine partnership model in place.

As part of the restart there are five groups to help govern the delivery of Te Rito:

  • Te Rito Executive/Board – Co-Governance with Te Mahau (Hautū) and Ngā Rau Whakatupu Chairs, Sector Representative, and appropriate Ministry to set direction and provide oversight.
  • Te Rito Control Group – Co-Governance with sector representation, Te Mahau (Directors from Regions), and Ministry to drive implementation.
  • Te Rito Project Team (implementation) – Sector based delivery with planning, change and implementation, all based around school terms.
  • Te Rau Whakatupu Auraki and Māori – a Sector Working Group with representatives from a wide range of associations and peak bodies, education sector unions, and government organisations involved with the education sector.
  • Te Rito (Data) Kaitiakitanga Group – Data stewardship for access and use of learner and ākonga data. Limited mandate, with membership comprised of Sector, Ministry, relevant agencies, Peak Bodies and Specialists.
Three intermediate boys on field moving together on boards

The Sector Working Group ensures the views of the education and wider social sectors are considered as we develop Te Rito.

Our Te Rau Whakatupu working groups help ensure the needs of Te Rito users are represented in the design and development process. They provide advice to help us deliver value for ākonga, learners, kura and schools. Te Rau Whakatupu Māori group represents the views of Māori and dual medium kura and schools, while Te Rau Whakatupu – Auraki represents English medium schools.

Representatives from the working groups are also members of the Te Rito Programme Steering Committee within the Ministry, which means they are involved in providing input right through to programme delivery.

Watch this space for work group committee profiles, coming soon.