Te Rito for ākonga and learners

Supporting continuous and lifelong learning

Support at every stage of your learning journey

The more your kura or school understand your skills, strengths and needs, the better they can support you to achieve educational success. Te Rito can help your kaiako or teacher understand your aspirations and strengths, so that they can support you to achieve them.

Te Rito lets information about your learning history, strengths and needs move with you on your learning journey, building a rich record. This means your kura and schools will be better able to work with and support you to realise your full potential, valuing and respecting the things that make you unique. Instead of re-telling your story when you move to a new kura or school, your learning information travels with you supporting your transition to your new kura or school.

Female and male students in uniform at table with school work talking to female teacher


Participate in your learning

With Te Rito, it will be easy for you to see and participate in your own learning and progress. In time, you and your parents or guardians will be able to directly access your information.

If you’re over 16, you can decide what information about you goes into Te Rito. Your kura or school will talk with you before adding any information that identifies you and can only do so with your consent.

All information about you on Te Rito belongs to you. It does not belong to the kura or school. You have the right to ask for and access your information.

When you’ll see Te Rito in your school

Te Rito will be rolled out to kura and schools across New Zealand gradually over the coming years, and new features will be added over time. Your kura or school will let you know if Te Rito is being used, or soon to be used, and what that means for you.

There is nothing you need to do now.