How ākonga and learner information is collected, stored, used and kept private

Privacy Act 2020

The information held in Te Rito is subject to the Privacy Act 2020.

This means:

  • Personal information can only be collected in Te Rito if it is for a lawful purpose connected with functions or activities that relate to education, and if the information is necessary for that purpose.
  • Personal information must be safeguarded from loss and unauthorised access, use, and modification or disclosure.
  • Ākonga, learners and their parents or legal guardians must know about the information being collected and why it is being collected. Ākonga, learners and their parents or legal guardians have a right to see the information about them held in Te Rito and correct it if it is not accurate.
  • Personal information should only be used for the reason it was collected and it must be disposed of when no longer needed. It should not be shared unless there is a good reason.

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Privacy statements and policies

Kura, schools and early learning services will have a privacy statement and privacy policies outlining ākonga, learner and parent or legal guardian rights under the Privacy Act 2020.

Your kura, school or early learning service's privacy statement and policies should cover:

  • why information is being collected
  • who is going to see the information
  • the legal basis for collecting information
  • whether providing the information is mandatory or voluntary
  • that ākonga, learners and parents or guardians have the rights of access to, and correction of, their personal information.

Before deploying Te Rito in your kura, school or early learning service, it would be a good time to have a look at your privacy statement and policies to ensure they're up-to-date and fit for purpose. Users of Te Rito should understand what's in the privacy statement and their obligations. 

Ākonga, learners, whānau, parents and guardians can request your kura, school or early learning service’s privacy statement or privacy policies at any time.

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