Te Rito for whānau and families

Supporting connections between whānau families and schools

Supporting learning and education success of your tamaiti or child

The more kaiako or teachers understand your tamaiti or child, the better they are able to provide teaching and learning experiences valuing and respecting their unique qualities. As your tamaiti or child moves through their education journey, each new kaiako or teacher will be able to access learning information about your tamaiti or child on Te Rito. This information will help the kaiako or teacher identify the skills, strengths, and talents of your tamaiti or child while responding to their learning style and needs.

With Te Rito, it’s easy for you to participate in the learning journey of your tamaiti or child. The education of your tamaiti or child is a partnership between you and the educators of your tamaiti or child because you understand your tamaiti or child best.

Kaiako, teachers and educators will share with you the information held in Te Rito about your tamaiti or child. Kaiako and teachers want to have open conversations with you about the education journey of your tamaiti or child based on the strengths and unique qualities of your tamaiti or child. Together you can explore and discuss the range of resources available to support them on their learning journey.

Parent, primary student and teacher at table discussing school work


Guiding principle

Me tiaki te mana o te tamaiti me tōna whānau | Protect and uphold the mana of the child and their whānau.

This principle puts the child and their whānau at the heart of everything we do. It recognises that our tamariki and everything about them, are taonga.

Keeping ākonga and learner information secure

Central to the design of Te Rito is keeping the information held on your tamaiti or child safe - getting your consent to add information to Te Rito, ensuring that it is stored securely, and that information is only used as intended. With your consent, educators will access this information to confirm they are providing relevant and timely resources and support for your tamaiti or child in their learning journey.

The information gathered and stored in Te Rito belongs to your tamaiti or child. However it is the responsibility of the kura, school or early learning service that your tamaiti or child attends, to keep their information safe and secure. The kaiako or teacher of your tamaiti or child can talk to you about information they plan to add or change in Te Rito, why they’re adding or changing it, and how it will be used. You can discuss this with kaiako and teachers and you must be in agreement before anything about your tamaiti or child is added or changed. You can, at anytime, ask to see or receive a copy of the information held on Te Rito about your tamaiti or child. 

Personal information on Te Rito about an individual ākonga or learner belongs to the ākonga or learner and their parents or guardians. It does not belong to the kura, school or early learning service.

Primary school child smiling holding a school journal sitting between her grandparents