Using Te Rito

Enabling information about ākonga and learners to travel with them

Once your kura or school is connected to Te Rito the information held in your SMS will show in Te Rito. You will also have access to tools that support teaching and learning, including a collaboration space that will make it easy for you to work with anyone who is connected to Te Rito.

Information in Te Rito is updated nightly, which means you’ll have a current view of what’s happening with your ākonga and learners in your kura or school.  

If you are part of a Kāhui Ako, Te Rito will let you gather and view information in the same way as other kura or schools in your Kāhui Ako, combining information that you can use to gain insights that help you solve common problems. 

A shared view of information contributes to greater understanding and transparency.  

Dashboards for tumuaki and principals

Te Rito dashboards provide tumuaki and principals a rich visual overview of combined ākonga and learner information across your Kāhui Ako.

Te Rito dashboards provide an aggregate view of your kura or school, and your Kāhui Ako. The following dashboards are currently offered:

  • Student demographics
  • Student transitions
  • Attendance

The dashboards are updated daily, giving you access to current data to help inform your strategy and planning, examine your practices and resources, and enable you to collaborate within your Kāhui Ako in a purposeful way.

Te Rito dashboards are designed to present relevant information securely. Only authorised users will have access to dashboards.

As an authorised user you will have access to anonymised and aggregated information from kura or schools in your Kāhui Ako. You will also be able to drill down to see detailed information about ākonga and learners in your own kura or school.

Student demographics

This dashboard provides you a breakdown of enrolment in your Kāhui Ako based on demographics such as iwi, ethnicity, and gender identity.

screenshot of Student Demographics from test site
Screenshot of Demographics dashboard

Student transitions

This dashboard provides trends over time about why and when ākonga and learners come into your Kāhui Ako and why and when they leave. For example, whether they were enrolled with an early learning service provider and why they left their previous school.

Screenshot of Student Transitions dashboard from test site
Screenshot of Student Transitions dashboard from test site


This dashboard helps manage and track the attendance of ākonga and learners based on year, ethnicity, and gender identity. It also allows you to slice data using attendance codes.

Screenshot of Attendance dashboard from test site
Screenshot of Attendance dashboard from test site