Te Rito Terms of use

The following are the terms you are agreeing to when you use Te Rito.

1. Acceptance of terms

By logging in to Te Rito you agree to the following terms.

2. Te Rito users and service provider

In this document ‘you’ refers to the staff member of an education provider who is logging in and using Te Rito, and ‘we’ and ’us’ refers to The Ministry of Education /Te Tāhuhu o te Mātauranga. We are the service provider for Te Rito, all content is the responsibility of the users.

3. Te Rito principles of data use

Te Rito has adopted the Social Wellbeing Agency's principles for data use. Te Rito and its users agree to carry out their responsibilities and actions in ways that reflect these when they use Te Rito:

He tāngata

Focus on improving people's lives — individuals, children and young people, whānau, iwi, and communities.


Respect and uphold the mana and dignity of the people, whānau, communities, or groups who share their data and information.

Mana whakahaere

Empower people by giving them choice and enabling their access to, and use of, their data and information.


Act as a steward in a way that is understood and trusted by New Zealanders.


Work as equals to create and share valuable knowledge.

4. Your responsibilities

How to use Te Rito

You agree to not use Te Rito to:

  • upload, download, alter, or otherwise transmit any content that:
    • is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, interferes with another person's privacy, or is racially, sexually, or ethnically objectionable
    • infringes any patent, trademark, copyright, or proprietary rights
  • knowingly transmit any malware
  • stalk or harass another person
  • send "junk mail", "spam" or similar forms of solicitation.

Notify us when the terms are breached

You agree to notify us immediately if you believe anyone has breached any of these terms of use, by:


You agree to:

  • keep this data for your Te Rito login safe and secure:
    • user name
    • login
    • password
    • other personal identifiers
  • use a strong unique password known only to you and only used for this account (we recommend following CERTNZ guidance on good passwords)
  • change your password if requested by us
  • notify us immediately if you become aware of any unauthorised use or other breach of Te Rito’s security.


You agree to comply with the NZ Privacy Act 2020 when you use Te Rito. This includes ensuring that personal information:

  • is only collected, used, and disclosed as necessary for a specified purpose
  • is collected lawfully and in ways that are fair and reasonable
  • is used and shared appropriately
  • is kept safe and secure
  • is accurate and up to date
  • has access limited to the people who need it for a specified purpose
  • is only kept as long as it is required for the specified purpose.

The Privacy Act also requires that:

  • people know when their information is being collected and why
  • people can ask to access their own personal information and request corrections.

5. Te Rito Privacy Statement

Your personal information in Te Rito

In providing you access to use Te Rito, we have collected and used the following personal information:

  • first and last name
  • email address
  • education provider you are employed by
  • how you prefer your Te Rito experience configured.

How we use your information

We use the personal information you provide to:

  • make Te Rito available to you
  • improve and personalise your Te Rito experience.

We may also use this information to tell you about Te Rito, such as new functions or security updates.

Sharing your personal information

We may share the personal information you provide with:

  • authorised service providers who contribute to Te Rito
  • agencies whose applications you access through Te Rito
  • any role that needs the information for supporting the security of Te Rito.

Finding out your personal information

You can ask the education provider you work for if you want to know what information about you is held on Te Rito, and to correct any errors.

We will only use personal information related to usage to make sure Te Rito:

  • works
  • keeps people’s information secure.

Personal information about others

Te Rito may collect other personal information such as:

  • information about learners, their whānau/caregivers, and other staff of education providers
  • digital content created by education providers, such as text, images, audio, video, files, and web links
  • information about who uses Te Rito and when.

6. General terms

Our services

The Ministry/Te Tāhuhu (we) will:

  • provide Te Rito to you with reasonable care and skill
  • make all reasonable efforts to ensure Te Rito does everything we say it will
  • keep Te Rito available and fault free as much as is reasonably practical, given its use of systems and services that we do not control.

Please note that the configuration of the computer, device, and systems you use may affect whether you can use Te Rito, or how it performs for you.

Content responsibilities

Content accessed or made available through Te Rito is the responsibility of the users.

The Ministry/Te Tāhuhu cannot supervise, edit, or control the way in which you or other users use the content accessed through Te Rito.

Liability for losses

The Ministry/Te Tāhuhu will only be liable for losses you incur because someone else uses your Education Sector Login (ESL) or any personal identifier in Te Rito, if the loss was caused by our negligence.

You may be held liable for losses incurred by The Ministry/Te Tāhuhu, our suppliers, or another party due to someone else using your ESL or any personal identifier, provided the loss has not been caused by negligence of The Ministry/Te Tāhuhu.

Changing these terms

We will do our best to inform all users before we change these terms completely or partly. If the terms change significantly, you may be prompted to accept the amended terms the next time you log in.

Suspending or closing Te Rito accounts

You understand that we may suspend or close your Te Rito account if:

  • we consider that you have breached any of these terms
  • we are instructed to do so by your delegated authoriser
  • if it has been "inactive" you have not used Te Rito for 12 months or more.

You may close your Te Rito account at any time by request to your schools Delegated Administrator.