Te Rito

Supporting ākonga and learner wellbeing and success throughout their learning journey

What we're planning for 2023-24

Since Te Rito was paused, we have addressed the technical barriers to the secure transfer of data from SMS into Te Rito, enabling the programme to be restarted safely. We are working closely with the Te Rito sector working groups, Ngā Rau Whakatupu Māori and Auraki, to plan and implement the restart.

We remain focused on enabling data to follow learners, by connecting kura and schools. Our current plan is to upgrade existing users, then extend deployment on a targeted basis. We are assessing the idea of kura and schools having the opportunity to opt-in later in Term 3.

In line with our kaupapa, sector engagement and co-design will be at the forefront of all decision-making. We are working with the Te Rito working groups, Ngā Rau Whakatupu Māori and Auraki to co-design the restart, with the intention that the implementation in kura and schools will be led by the sector.

The groups remain strongly committed to achieving the aims of Te Rito:

  • to enable learner data to follow ākonga throughout their education journeys
  • to protect learner data from cyber-attack and privacy breaches.

Feedback is welcome and questions are encouraged. Please email them to terito@education.govt.nz.

Te Rito Scope & Objectives for 2023-24

  • Extending deployment to kura and schools – opt-in for Sector Working Group members, followed by deploying into Te Tai Tokerau
  • Connecting up Ko Taku Reo – Deaf Education NZ to trial learner access for specialist, provision and outreach schools
  • Connecting teachers – providing access to classroom and learner data
  • Security, Connecting SMS & Data Resiliency
  • Continuing to support Learning Support Registers users & ECE providers.

Keep informed

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Welcome to Te Rito

Every tamaiti and child is different, and they change and grow throughout their education. The more we understand our ākonga and learners, the better we can shape the support we provide to them in their journey, valuing and respecting the things that make them unique.  

Our tamariki and children are our taonga - our treasure. So too is information about them. It’s taonga that requires care and respect. It’s precious to our tamariki and children, to their whānau and families, and to the iwi and communities in which they live and learn. 

Te Rito is a web-based national information repository that connects ākonga and learner information across kura, schools, ngā kohanga reo and early learning services.

Te Rito makes a positive difference to the wellbeing and achievement of ākonga and learners by safely and securely storing and sharing information in a transparent and trusted way. 


young children playing at a preschool


Me tiaki te mana o te tamaiti me tōna whānau

Protect and uphold the mana of the child and their whānau

Te Rito places the tamaiti and child, and their whānau and family, at the heart of Te Rito. They are at the centre of everything we do.

Our name represents the baby flax at the heart of the harakeke. It links our guiding principle and whakatauākī


Harakeke plant