standardised Learning Support Register

Capturing and managing learning support needs in a consistent way

The standardised Learning Support Register (sLSR)

During an early-stage rollout of Te Rito, 70 early learning services, kura and schools were connected to Te Rito and given access to an sLSR.

The sLSR is a central place where learning support needs can be captured and managed in a consistent way as ākonga and learners transition from early childhood education to kura and schools, and throughout their schooling. 

The sLSR will not be part of the restart of Te Rito. While there is support for a learning support register, the sLSR needs further development before it can be fully implemented.

The information below is for existing sLSR users who were part of the early-stage rollout and already have access to the sLSR.

Track outcomes for ākonga and learners

When you enter information about learning support needs into the sLSR, it is displayed in visual dashboards. The dashboards provide an overview of the learning support needs across your early learning service, kura or school. They include how many ākonga and learners have learning support needs, what these needs are, and how the needs are changing over time.

The dashboards are updated nightly, which means you always have an up-to-date view of what's happening with your ākonga and learners.

You can use the dashboards to understand learning support needs and trends and track your ākonga and learners' progress in response to the support you're providing.

Plan and collaborate with your learning support cluster

The learning support dashboards de-identify and combine ākonga and learner information across a learning support cluster to provide overviews of learning support needs in your cluster.

The dashboards are both a cluster-level view and an entry point for examining different aspects of the information in more detail.

The dashboards ensure that the learning support needs of ākonga and learners can be represented and considered at cluster level. You'll have a shared view of learning support needs across your cluster, making it easier to collaborate to develop the right capabilities and support.


Two female students in a classroom reading a Te Reo workbook

Resources for sLSR

Dashboards for sLSR

The following dashboards are currently available to schools that use the sLSR:

  • Learning support
  • Learning support over time

The following sample dashboards are a visualisation of the data collected in the register and have the same level of security and depth of interactivity as the other Te Rito dashboards.

screenshot of sample sLSR dashboards