Te Rito dashboards combines ākonga and learner information across your Kāhui Ako or cluster to create an overview of demographics, strengths and needs

Ākonga and learner data is de-identified and combined across your Kāhui Ako or learning support cluster. Te Rito uses this combined data to create dashboards with overviews of ākonga and learner demographics, transitions and learning support needs in your Kāhui Ako or cluster. The dashboards are both a cluster-level view and an entry point for examining different aspects of the information in more detail. 

Te Rito dashboards show current data, with information updated daily. They can also show changes over time, providing you with evidence of what’s working for your ākonga and learners, and where there are gaps. You can use this evidence to adjust local practices and resources, and track outcomes of actions you take to support ākonga and learners.  

Te Rito dashboards give you analytics from across your learning support cluster or Kāhui Ako, so you can collaborate to share resources and develop the right capabilities and support your combined needs. You can also access granular information about the ākonga and learners in your kura or school. 

Kura and schools connected to Te Rito are already using dashboards to inform Kāhui Ako and learning support cluster strategy and planning. Kura and school leaders already using Te Rito say that using the the information provided by the dashboards underpin conversations about ākonga and learner support, increased transparency and contributed to new levels of collaboration across their learning support clusters. 

It's important to note that the demographics, transitions and attendance dashboards will only combine data to be viewed by members of a Kāhui Ako.  The learning support dashboards will only combine data to be viewed by members of a learning support cluster.

Important information

  • Only specific people will be authorised to access Te Rito.  
  • Dashboards, and the data shown in them, will vary according to the role and permissions you are assigned. 
  • Authorised users will only be able to view identifiable information about learners their own kura/school. Other data is anonymised and deidentified. 
  •  All screenshots are taken from the Te Rito test site, no live data is used. 
  • The Ministry of Education does not have access to data held in Te Rito.