Privacy and consent

Information about ākonga and learners in Te Rito is personal and identifiable. We all have a role to play in protecting this information

Information about ākonga and learners in Te Rito and the sLSR, is personal and identifiable. Because of this, we are extra cautious about protecting this information.

We do this by ensuring that only those people who are authorised to access Te Rito can do so. We also ensure they can only see the personal information they need to do their jobs.

Kura and schools must inform ākonga and learners and their parents or guardians about what information is collected and stored in Te Rito and how it will be used. Ākonga and learners (16 or over) or their parents or guardians (under 16) must give consent for the collection and use of this information.


Young boy and teacher sitting and talking in playground