Update on Te Rito reset (Bulletin article)

22 Nov 2022

Te Rito was established to enable student information to travel with ākonga as they progress through education. This programme was paused in 2021 due to cyber security concerns with the student management system (SMS) products Te Rito was connecting to. These technical barriers have now been addressed.

On 26 October, Te Rito working groups – Ngā Rau Whakatupu Māori and Auraki – met to begin planning the Te Rito reset. The reset will focus on enabling data to follow learners by connecting kura and schools to the Edsby platform. This will give educators and learners access to the collaboration space on Edsby, making it easy to collaborate. Ngā Rau Whakatupu members strongly support restarting Te Rito and are committed to working with the Ministry to lead the implementation.

We are working with Ngā Rau Whakatupu to establish an independent Data Kaitiakitanga Group to act as data stewards. The group will oversee the use and access of data held in Te Rito. 

The below next steps have been agreed with Ngā Rau Whakatupu:

  • Develop a plan to restart Te Rito from early 2023, which includes identifying an initial tranche of kura and schools to connect to Te Rito, and working with the 70 kura, schools and early learning services currently connected to Te Rito.
  • A second hui with Ngā Rau Whakatupu to finalise plans to restart Te Rito and agree on how to ensure the restart is led by the sector.
  • An agreed plan to communicate Te Rito restart with all kura and schools.