Edsby continues as Te Rito technology partner

The Ministry of Education has reconfirmed its strategic partnership with education software provider Edsby, developer of the technology platform behind Te Rito, ahead of the phase 2 recommencement.

A renewed six-year agreement underscores Te Rito’s commitment to a stable platform, from which to improve student success and wellbeing, and foster a supportive and connected learning environment.

Edsby's Unison and Edsby platform technology form the cornerstone of Te Rito. They are a secure, safe foundation from which to develop data-driven insights and facilitate a deeper understanding of student progress and needs. Edsby's privacy and security measures align with New Zealand's strong data protection policies, allowing learner and ākonga information to follow them throughout their education safely, and only as intended by Te Rito Kaitiakitanga.

Edsby's ability to engage with the sector and SMS vendors is a key to our Te Ao Māori approach to sector led consultation. The new agreement provides access to Edsby's collaboration capabilities, which enable further engagement with families and whānau, kāhui ako and other educators. As well as allowing us to refine the product rapidly and efficiently, to reflect Aotearoa's unique educational environment.