Getting connected

Once you're scheduled for deployment, your Ministry team will take you through the three stages of getting connected to Te Rito

Three stages to getting connected with Te Rito

There are three stages for kura, schools and early learning services to move through to access Te Rito - getting ready, getting connected and getting started. 

When your Kāhui Ako, learning support cluster, kura, school or early learning service is scheduled for deployment, your regional Ministry team will take you through the activities related to each of the stages.

Getting ready

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Getting ready is focused on helping you understand Te Rito and how you can get ready to connect. In the getting ready stage you will:

  • understand the privacy implications of using Te Rito 
  • ensure you have the right protocols in place to protect ākonga and learners privacy as well as comply with the Privacy Act 2020.

Getting connected

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Getting connected supports you through the process of connecting with Te Rito. In this stage you will:

  • be taken through the steps to get connected
  • understand Te Rito user access roles
  • set up yourself and other staff in Te Rito.

Five steps to getting connected - kura and schools
(for Principals)


Request access to Te Rito

Contact your student management system (SMS) provider and give them permission to connect to Te Rito.


Ensure staff details in your SMS are up to date

Staff details in your SMS must match the staff details in the Education Sector Logon (ESL).


Set up ESL accounts

Each staff member in your kura or school using Te Rito needs an active ESL account, in which they will be assigned the appropriate Te Rito user access role.


Sign in to Te Rito

Once your SMS is connected and you've completed the Te Rito Privacy Module you will receive access to login.


Invite staff to Te Rito

Once you have completed Step 3, you can invite your staff members to access Te Rito.

Three steps to getting connected - early learning services
(for Centre Managers)


Request access to Te Rito

All staff members requiring access will complete the Early Childhood Education user request form (ESL 38)


Set up the Education Sector Logon account

Each staff member who completed the ESL 38 will be emailed to set-up a new ESL account or update their existing one. In their ESL account they will be assigned the appropriate Te Rito user access role.


Sign in to Te Rito

Once you have successfully completed the Te Rito Privacy Module, you will be given access to login to Te Rito. 

Getting started

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Getting started is the first step in your journey to embed Te Rito into your kura, school or early learning service, to support decision-making and enable better outcomes for ākonga and learners. You will:

  • enter ākonga or learner information into the standardised Learning Support Register (sLSR)
  • use information from Te Rito dashboards and in the sLSR to inform decision-making
  • use aggregated information from Te Rito learning support dashboards for planning and resourcing discussions within your learning support cluster.