Te Rito for early learning services

Te Rito enables more support for ākonga and learners with learning support needs as they transition from early childhood education to kura and school

Capture and manage learning support needs securely and consistently

Te Rito provides access to a standardised Learning Support Register (sLSR). The sLSR is a central place where ākonga and learner learning support needs can be captured and managed.

You may already have a place where you record information about ākonga and learners learning support needs and the support you're providing. The sLSR that runs on Te Rito provides a consistent format and a common language, so you're all talking about learning support needs in the same way.

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Track outcomes for ākonga and learners

When you enter your learning support needs information into the sLSR, Te Rito displays this information in visual dashboards. These dashboards provide an overview of the learning support needs across your early learning service, including how many ākonga and learners have learning support needs, what these needs are, and how the needs are changing over time.

The dashboards are updated nightly, which means you always have an up-to-date view of what's happening with your ākonga and learners.

You can use the Te Rito dashboards to understand learning support needs and trends, and track your ākonga and learners' progress in response to the support you're providing through the Te Rito dashboards.

Plan and collaborate with your learning support cluster

Te Rito de-identifies and combines ākonga and learner information across a learning support cluster. Te Rito uses this combined data to create dashboards with overviews of learning support needs in your cluster.

The dashboards are both a cluster-level view and an entry point for examining different aspects of the information in more detail.

Te Rito ensures that the learning support needs of ākonga and learners at your early learning service can be represented and considered at the cluster level. You'll have a shared view of learning support needs across your cluster, making it easier to collaborate to develop the right capabilities and support.

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A continuous record to support ākonga and learners wellbeing and success

In the future, with the right consents, kura and schools will be able to draw the learning support needs information you put in your sLSR out of Te Rito.

When an ākonga or learner moves from early childhood education to schooling, their learning support needs information will move with them. 

Ākonga and learners with learning support needs can be better supported as kura and schools will be able to build on your ākonga and learner knowledge and support.