Te Whakatipuranga

Our journey of growth

Every tamaiti or child is different, and they change and grow as they move through their education.  The more we know about them, the better we can support them in their education. 

That’s where Te Rito started. Across the education sector, educators, whānau and government agencies were becoming increasingly aware of how hard it was to access valuable information about ākonga and learners, especially when they moved between kura or schools. Information was often non-existent, incomplete, or took a long time to find, so sometimes ākonga or learners didn’t get the right support when they needed it. 

If relevant information could be made available, safely and securely, and at the right times, ākonga and learners could receive the support they needed to achieve better learning and wellbeing outcomes. And the richer that information flow (our ‘Awa’) became, ākonga and learners could be better supported to succeed at every stage of their education journey.

We are successful when we have a rich learner record that travels with ākonga and learners, safely and securely through their learning, as they transition from early childhood education into their compulsory schooling, and transition from their secondary education. Ākonga, learners and -  subject to the appropriate permissions -  all those involved in supporting them, will have access to information that will support achievement and wellbeing.