Te Whakatipuranga

Our journey of growth

We know that every tamaiti or child is different, and they change and grow as they move through their education.  The more we know about them, the better we can support them in their education. 

That’s where Te Rito started. Across the education sector, educators, whānau and government agencies became increasingly aware of how hard it is for educators to access valuable information about ākonga and learners, especially when they move between kura or schools. Information is often non-existent, incomplete, or takes a long time to find, so that too often ākonga or learners don’t get the support they need when they need it. 

Te Rito aims to make relevant information available, safely and securely, at the right time, so that ākonga and learners receive the support they need to achieve better learning and wellbeing outcomes. The richer the information flow becomes, the better ākonga and learners can be supported to succeed at every stage of their learning journey.

group of students

What success will look like

The vision for Te Rito will be fully realised when a rich learner record travels safely and securely with ākonga and learners as they transition from early childhood education into compulsory schooling and on into post-secondary education.

This will take time. Right now, we are focused on implementing Te Rito in kura and schools, beginning in 2023 with a gradual roll-out in Whangārei and Northland. From 2024 we will expand to other kura and schools as we learn what works best for educators. We will adapt the support and technology as we work with kura and schools during the rollout.