Te Rito Kaitiakitanga

Trusted, transparent and equitable oversight of ākonga and learner data

Te Rito has been designed to meet the requirements of the Privacy Act 2020.

The Ministry of Education does not have access to data held in Te Rito, except for those providing technical support to ensure the integrity, security and safety of the Te Rito platform.

Ākonga and learner data held in Te Rito is owned by the ākonga or learner. Early learning services, kura and schools that use Te Rito must seek consent from whānau and parents (or ākonga and learners when they reach age 16) to have their data held in Te Rito. 

In addition to these measures, we have established Te Rito Data Kaitiakitanga, an independent, cross-sector data stewardship group whose role will be to provide trusted, transparent and equitable oversight of data held in Te Rito.

Te Rito Kaitiakitanga will determine who can access, use and share ākonga and learner data, for what purpose and under what conditions.

Their role will include making recommendations on requests for aggregated learner data in Te Rito, such as from researcher, the Ministry of Education of other education agencies seeking data to inform research or policy development.

Access to Te Rito is tightly controlled and subject to being audited by Te Rito Data Kaitiakitanga.

Te Rito Kaitiakitanga will work with the Ministry and other parties with an interest to help ensure Māori data sovereignty interests are respected.


Student in foreground with other students in backgroung